The industry standard for clinical electrophysiology.

The Neuroport Array is FDA-cleared for up to 30 days of monitoring and recording of brain electrical activity with IDE/IRB approval. With IDE/IRB approval, the Neuroport array may be implanted for more than 30 days of monitoring/recording. Blackrock has assisted many clinical users through this approval process—for more information, please contact us.

The Neuroport Array has been at the foundation of many recent breakthroughs in the field of brain-computer interface (BCI) research and has been a part of many groundbreaking clinical studies. Take a look at our News section to find out about the details. Examples of Neuroport Array users in the clinical space include:

Key advantages

  • Great for multi-channel, high density neural recordings. Device provides a reliable means to sample large numbers of neurons at regular spacing across the cortical surface
  • The Neuroport array has been successfully employed in dozens of studies, providing sensitive and stable recordings.
  • For one example of how the arrays have advanced clinical science, visit the BrainGate site
  • High-quality neural recordings accessible immediately after implantation
  • Floating neural interface
  • Sterilizable
  • Excellent stability in acute and chronic applications
  • Microstimulation-capable

Neuroport Array Specifications

Channel count96
Electrode site metal optionsPt or IrOx
Reference and ground2 reference wires
Standard electrode length1 – 1.5 mm
Standard electrode pitch400  μm
Multiport optionsNo
Wire bundle materialGold
Wire bundle length13 cm
Wire bundle width5 mm


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