Defining the Future of Clinical Neuroscience Research

Blackrock’s NeuroPort® System has the longest track record of electrophysiology equipment in human research than any other system. We understand research in humans purely for research purposes increases the risk-benefit ratio and makes it more difficult to find qualified subjects. Epilepsy resection procedures are one of the few regularly occurring, elective neurosurgical procedures that provide the opportunity for researchers to perform low-risk experimental studies on human subjects.

Because of this Blackrock developed an Epilepsy Monitoring System that is reliable, easy to use, provides superior data, easily interfaces with third-party systems, and has fewer connections without sacrificing channel count. Additionally, our expertise in human research can play an important role in getting your next human research project IRB approval.

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NeuroPort – Easy to use Delivering High-quality Data

Blackrock’s NeuroPort System is also capable of integrating with your hospital’s clinical monitoring system. This allows the NeuroPort to be used as high-end acquisition system for researchers without disrupting in-place clinical monitoring systems.

NeuroPort System

  • Highly Configurable
  • Easy to use
  • Multichannel data acquisition system
  • Used for recording and monitoring brain electrical activity
  • Provides real-time processing for up to 256 electrodes, 16 auxiliary analog channels and 16 bits of digital info sampled at 30,000 Hz
  • Has 6 analog and 4 digital fully programmable outputs
  • Can record both high-frequency (action potentials) and low-bandwidth (EEG/LFP) signals simultaneously
  • Integrates nearly all cognitive experimental control systems
  • Capable of integrating with your hospital’s clinical monitoring system
  • Can be used as high-end acquisition system for researchers without disrupting in-place clinical monitoring systems

System Components

Epilepsy Monitoring with ECoG setup from Blackrock Microsystems

  1. ECoG Grid ArrayA flexible, customizable electrocorticography grid array for mapping a targeted brain area.
  2. Cabrio headstagesThese compact headstages connect directly to the lead from the ECoG to provide a noise-free link to the NeuroPort System.
  3. Front-End AmplifierAmplifies and digitizes inputs from analog headstages (up to 128 channels) before sending them via fiberoptic link to the NeuroPort System.
  4. Front-End Amplifier Power SupplyLow-noise medical grade power supply for front-end amplifier.
  5. NeuroPort System (128-channel)Acquires, displays and saves up to 128 ECoG channels.
  6. EpiCart OR Ibex Console

Confusing wiring, mapping, and connections schemes can cause major frustration and risk for both the clinical staff and patient. Blackrock provides simple integration of cables for every major clinical monitoring system manufacturer. These cables require only a few high-density connections to share data fully, drastically simplifying the traditional methods of interfacing research systems into the clinical environment.

Experimental control is necessary for most experimental protocols. Blackrock supports interfacing with nearly all experimental control systems and cognitive tasks using the large variety of inputs and outputs.

Our data acquisition systems come with:

  • 16 analog inputs
  • 16 digital inputs
  • Serial IO
  • 12 different outputs to accept data and control third party systems.

Many different setups can directly write custom data directly to the data stream using Blackrock’s custom even API.

The Neuroport system also comes with fully-featured, easy to use MATLAB, C++, and Python APIs. These allow complete flexibility over the interface between the data acquisition system and your research setup. With full support from Blackrock’s world-class Support team, your experiments are ensured to fully integrate with your data acquisition system.

CereStim – Fully Programmable Neurostimulator

Blackrock’s CereStim96 is a fully programmable neurostimulator that is able to individually connect to 96 separate electrodes for independent stimulation on each channel. The software gives full control over stimulation parameters with flexibility, safety, and reliability. Users can create programs ranging from channel by channel stimulation to stim patterns.

The CereStim is fully integratable with your experimental setup. Featuring a TTL hardware control with only a single microsecond of latency and fully featured MATLAB and C++ APIs, the CereStim gives direct control over many experimental control and cognitive task management systems.

The CereStim 96 is not currently 510(K) cleared, requiring investigational device exemption for use with human subjects. Blackrock can provide fully structured IDE applications, along with all relevant safety data to aid you in navigating the regulatory requirements for using such devices in your research.

Regulatory Expertise to Guide your Project

Working with human subjects brings new regulations and a stricter evaluation of proposed experiments. Blackrock offers full support to help you navigate the regulatory landscape and make your project a possibility.

Our complimentary support ranges from providing structure and feedback for your investigational device exemption, to helping enable collaborations between cross-institution or cross-functional research groups.

With our large portfolio of FDA cleared and CE Marked electrophysiology products for human research, Blackrock is the partner of choice for your human research project.

Cable Reduction

Cabling requirements are one of the greatest limitations to electrophysiology recordings. Besides limiting movement and comfort, they present risks for detachment or other experimental confounds. This is especially apparent in epilepsy monitoring, where patients are attached to monitoring systems with hundreds of leads.

Blackrock is seeking to simplify the entire setup for clinicians, technicians, and patients alike. High throughput digital multiplexing is currently being used in animal research, and can pass thousands of channels through a cable that traditionally would hold one or two.

Blackrock’s custom application specific integrated chips (ASICs) are capable of collapsing the moderate channel counts of today’s clinical monitoring systems. Our new generation of clinical headstages will allow patients to be tethered by only a single, lightweight cable, reducing the difficulties of connecting from the monitoring system and increasing patient comfort.

In electrophysiology, there is a consistent trend for more channels and more data. Having more channels provides more robust results to researchers, and better outcomes for clinicians and patients.

Blackrock has always been on the forefront of high channel count electrophysiology, and our newest production is no different. Having higher channel count systems, density connectors, and density electrodes provides researchers the tools to better understand the brain, and clinicians more detailed data for their clinical procedures.

If you are interested in providing input on our high channel count solutions, or if you would like to try them with your own hospital. clinic, or research lab, please contact us at

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