Fully integrated optogenetic stimulation and neural recording

The Optogenetics Starter Kit from Thorlabs is an optical stimulation starter kit capable of controlling targeted cells of living tissue. This enables researchers to record neural activity even during stimulation and to identify activity of specific cell types in-vivo. The kit is made up of a 470nm fiber-coupled LED with driver, lightweight patch cable, 20 cannulae, five cannula connectors and DC2100 software. Additional features and accessories are available for purchase separately.

System features & benefits

  • Allows researchers to combine optogenetic neural stimulation recording and stimulation with simultaneous microelectrode recording

  • The DC2100 can operate in Constant Current Mode, Pulse-Width Modulation Mode (PWM) or External Control Mode, which enables control by Blackrock’s neural signal processor

  • Multiple modes provide research flexibility depending on subject

  • Software can be controlled remotely via a Windows-based PC

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Optogenetics Starter Kit specifications

LED current range 0 – 2 A
LED current resolution 1 mA
LED current accuracy ± 20mA
LED forward voltage 24 V
Modulation frequency range 0 – 100 kHz
Duty cycle range 1 – 100%
Center wavelength 470 nm
Typical FWHM 15 nm
Max CW drive current 1 A
LED forward voltage 3.6 V
Typical lifetime > 50,000 hours
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