Smaller, lighter and more powerful than ever

The CerePlex digital headstage family has literally changed the neural recording playing field. Though each of these models was designed with a specialized research objective in mind, set-up ease, data fidelity and subject comfort and mobility all are givens.

All of these solutions are compatible with each Blackrock data acquisition system. Each also has been designed to interface with any electrode model, whether for use in rodent, large animal, primate or human setups.

CerePlex M headstage

The CerePlex M is a small, lightweight digital headstage. It provides an extremely low-noise, 7-wire, all-digital link from up to 128 neural microelectrodes to the Cerebus data acquisition system. The onboard digitization circuitry of the CerePlex M eliminates artifacts due to headstage cable motion and environmental noise pick¬up. Its multiplexed output allows the researcher to use a single lightweight cable instead of multiple bulky cables. It also eliminates the need for an expensive motorized commutator when recording from freely behaving small animals such as rats, mice and birds. Find out more.


CerePlex µ headstage

The CerePlex µ is a very small and lightweight digital headstage that provides a platform for simple stimulation and tracking in freely moving rodents. It provides an interface between the Cerebus or CerePlex Direct recording systems and up to 32 microelectrodes for high-fidelity transmission and recording of extracellular spikes and local field potentials from the brain. In addition to neural recording, it features an onboard accelerometer and gyrometer as new tools for monitoring animal behavior. Find out more.


CerePlex W headstage

The CerePlex W is a lightweight, wireless digital headstage that provides a platform for freely behaving large animal models. It offers an unprecedented quantity of neural data via wireless transmission, enabling novel research paradigms. Find out more.




CerePlex E headstage

CerePlex E is the next-generation noise-free link between the Utah Array and the Cerebus or CerePlex Direct data acquisition systems. Smaller and more powerful than ever, this headstage supports high-fidelity transmission and recording of extracellular spikes and local field potentials from up to 128 microelectrodes. Find out more.


CerePlex A headstage

CerePlex A is a high-channel, low-noise, quasi-DC amplifier designed for simplicity, flexibility and miniaturization. It is Blackrock Microsystems’ next-generation, digitizing amplifier for interfacing neural electrodes directly (macroelectrodes), or via analog headstages (microelectrodes), to any Blackrock data acquisition system. Find out more.


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