Software Engineer II


We are looking for a Software Engineer II who will develop and maintain software used in Blackrock Microsystems products

This position is full time and based in Salt Lake City. Salary range is $60,000-$90,000 depending upon experience.


    —B.S. in computer science plus 5 years programming experience or equivalent experience or an M.S. in computer science plus 2 years programming experience or equivalent
    —3 years of C/C++
    —Must have excellent reading comprehension in the English language
    —Fluent in C/C++
    —Familiarity with source control systems
    —Familiarity with Linux
    —Familiarity with Real-time systems
    —Experience in a regulated software environment (e.g. medical devices)
    —Familiarity with graphics programming
    —Experience with GNU programming tools
    —Experience with MSVC programming tools
    —Familiarity with MFC

Job Duties:

    1. Produce software used as product on time on and on schedule
    2. Write and review design specifications
    3. Organize, estimate, and plan software development tasks
    4. Document changes made to software
    5. Contribute to the overall software architecture
    6. Performs other assignments as required by the Management

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to jobs@blackrockmicro.com.

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