R&D Array Engineer

We are looking for an R&D Array Engineer who will design and develop printed circuit boards. This position supports the Array team in design, fabrication, process characterization and optimization. They will also support projects by managing the project milestones.

This position is full time and based in Salt Lake City.

Minimum Skills and Abilities Required:

    —Requires BS or MS in electrical, mechanical engineering or equivalent
    —Minimum 1 year of experience in micro fabrication processes and equipment
    —Hands-on experience in the design, fabrication, optimization, and operation of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System (MEMS) is highly desirable
    —Experience with photolithography processes including thin film deposition techniques (for metal, dielectrics and photoresist) and photo mask design
    —Dry and wet silicon etching techniques
    —Metallization deposition techniques
    —Characterization of micro fabrication processes (SEM, profilometry, etc.)
    —Process control and data analysis
    —Processing polymers, epoxies and silicones
    —Operating in a clean room environment
    —Clean room safety procedures
    —Must have excellent organizing skills to lead team for projects and collaborate with multidisciplinary groups of technology innovators and engineers
    —Must be able to put project plans together, including deadlines, manpower and budget
    —Must be thorough and detail oriented
    —Must have excellent reading, writing and communication skills in the English language
    —Proficient with Solidworks
    —Knowledge of industry standards
    —Proficient in Office, Outlook, Excel & Word
    —Knowledge of FDA/ISO for medical devices
    —Familiar with manufacturing and quality assurance procedures

Job Duties:

    1. Work on the project milestones and deliverables
    2. Write technical reports and specifications for processes
    3. Develop test protocols and reports
    4. Work on preliminary proof of concept ideas and execute experiments to generate feasibility results
    5. Support in Solidworks
    6. Coordinate efforts between the company and consultants or vendors
    7. Perform other assignments as required by the Management

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to jobs@blackrockmicro.com.

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